GradeSource is an online service for instructors and students. Students benefit when they are able to check their grades and other statistical information on the Internet.

  • GradeSource is convenient:  It allows students to access their course records from anywhere on the Internet. If they have access to a Web browser, they have access to your records.

  • GradeSource is versatile:  It has multiple ways it can interpret, sort, and display course data.

  • GradeSource improves integrity of course data:  Students can verify their scores for accuracy so that they can contact the instructor immediately for correction if they see a missing score or a score recorded in error.

  • GradeSource motivates students:  When students can immediately see the effects of their work, they can track their progress to see their course standing change with each new report posting.

  • GradeSource saves time:  Student conferences about grades are reduced since students can know exactly where they stand at all times.
On a per course basis, GradeSource maintains categories, percentage weightings, and student scores. GradeSource generates anonymous reports for student viewing. The reports list the raw scores, histograms, statistics, and rankings based on each assessment (homework, exams, labs, etc.), each category, and the entire course. Students identify their scores using a randomly generated secret number that GradeSource individually emails to them. GradeSource includes in that email the URL for the main student report web page. Additionally, instructors are encouraged to link that report page to a course page that they independently maintain.

All GradeSource functionality is available though Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater and Netscape 4.06 or greater.

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