March 11, 2001: - Attendance Tracking
GradeSource now gives you the ability to track your students' attendance! We provide an overall report of their attendance as well as a weekly calendar where you can view and edit their attendance on a daily basis. You can even tailor the tracking to include only your regularly scheduled meeting days. The GradeSource attendance tracking functionality is located under the "Tools" main menu, followed by the "Attendance" sub-menu.

February 16, 2001: - Course Announcement Maintenance
Now you can post important course announcements to your students along with the usual grade reports. With our announcement maintenance screens you can add, edit, delete, schedule, import, and even email your announcements! The announcement maintenance screens are located under the "Tools" main menu, followed by the "Announcements" sub-menu. For a demonstration please visit:

January 30, 2001: - Droppable Assessments
Now you can drop any number of lowest performing assessments from a category without having to do manual calculations. If, for example, you would like a particular course category to only calculate the best 3 out of 5 assessments, you could specify "2" droppable assessments in the category. GradeSource would automatically calculate the best 3 assessments for each student. The "dropped" assessments are even noted on the report pages so you and your students know exactly which ones count and which ones don't.

January 14, 2001: - Enhanced Standing Reports
Our standing report pages have been enhanced to show you more information on a single report. Now you and your students can see the ranking of every assessment or category along with the raw scores on the same page. In addition, category and course standing reports have been improved to display the raw points summation as well as the percentages.

October 4, 2000: - Professors at University of California at San Diego are first to use GradeSource.
Professor Haytham Allos at UCSD had the following to say: "I am delighted to use GradeSource for my class this quarter. I can't tell you how much time and tedium that GradeSource saves me in both data entry and data analysis. Students can verify their scores and see where they stand in the class at all times. I love the student roster import feature: No more manual reconciliation of who added and who dropped. When the roster is re-imported, all the changes are displayed right there! I'm looking forward to continuing to use GradeSource for quarters to come. You have done a great job in producing a very nice tool".
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