Data Integrity Statement

We at GradeSource know the importance of student records. We care that your records are available when you need them. We use the latest technologies to maintain your records with the highest degree of integrity. When you entrust your records to GradeSource, we will take good care of you.

We respect the privacy of information maintained by GradeSource. GradeSource administrators will only access private information to the extent necessary to provide service. Private student or instructor information, including email addresses, will never be sold or released to anyone, including sponsors, except as required by law.

Your data is secure with GradeSource. GradeSource uses 128-bit SSL encryption certified by Comodo Security Services. In addition, the security systems inherent within GradeSource only allow users to view data pertaining to their own courses.

GradeSource allows you to restore course data which you had previously deleted. This feature gives you the confidence to make your day to day decisions about your course without the fear of forever losing your data.

Data stored in our database resides on a fault-tolerant system. In addition, the data is backed up on a nightly basis.

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