Full-Service GradeSource at the School Level

We are pleased to announce, for a limited time, twice per month, we will select one instructor at random and award one term of full-service GradeSource at the school level! Up to a $2395 value...absolutely free. No advertisements on the report pages...all students and instructors will see is data specific to their class and their students. This is our way of letting more schools, instructors and students learn first-hand the benefits that GradeSource has to offer. With school level service, we'll establish a school administrator account and assist the school to streamline GradeSource services for maximum benefit to their instructors and students. Through the administrator account, all instructors at the school will see the adding of new courses and maintaining their rosters as automatic. All names are spelled correctly, and all email addresses are already assigned, automatically. When the instructor access their account, he or she will be asked to confirm or reject any changes to their roster, so although the changes are automatic, the instructor is still in control.

To be considered for Full-Service GradeSource at the School Level, please complete the following information, and if you are selected, one of our representatives will contact you:

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Please provide the following information to be considered for free Full-Service GradeSource at the school level. If you are currently a GradeSource user, please provide your username as well.
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